MVSA Cava isn’t just to be enjoyed on its own; it can also be used in delicious cocktails. We’ve put together a collection of sumptuous cocktails that are sure to be the stars of the show. Discover our delicious sparkling cocktails, from old favourites to seasonal recipes, not forgetting the alcohol-free creations.

You’ll be ready to turn any occasion into a special celebration.

Mvsa cocktail 3


Celebrate your love with this romantic cocktail. Light, refreshing and ready in no time, it’s the ideal drink to toast your life together!

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This floral cocktail lives up to its name with its fresh, slightly sweet taste and bright colour. A classy aperitif that will brighten up your evening from the first sip.

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Mvsa cocktail 7


Crodino is a popular Italian alcohol-free aperitif. Its sparkling and refreshing bittersweet kick is like summer in a glass. What’s more, it goes perfectly with our non-alcoholic MVSA. This intensely-coloured cocktail will also brighten up winter days. Ready in just a few minutes. Cheers!

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Everyone knows this great Italian classic. The traditional Negroni is made from bitters, sweet wine and spiced gin. The ‘Royal Negroni’ contains all these ingredients, but with the addition of – oh yes – MVSA Brut. The result is a little less bitter and distinctly more indulgent. Another plus: this cocktail is ready in no time.

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Mvsa cocktail 8


What says ‘celebration’ better than a fruity mocktail? And you can drink as much of this one as you want! With 0% alcohol, it’s lighter than the classic version, but just as sweet, juicy and sparkling. Whether you’re a master of the cocktail shaker or a complete beginner, three ingredients are all you need to create this aromatic drink in the twinkling of an eye.

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This sparkling cocktail looks the picture of luxury with its gorgeous autumnal hues. The recipe is based on the Breakfast Martini, said to have been created by the famous bartender Salvatore Calabrese. This slightly dry cocktail is characterised by its citrus notes and its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. We’ve taken some creative licence with the classic ingredients and named our version the ‘MVSA Breakfast.’ Like any perfect breakfast, this creation can be prepared in just a few minutes.

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Royal aviation


This cocktail exudes fresh indulgence. With its combination of sweetness and acidity, this high-flying champion will leave you on cloud nine. It can be prepared in just a few minutes but is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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